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Hey guys this is your boy randomguykev and I am bringing you a 2 minute review of the G&G SSG1 powered by Extreme Airsoft. You guys know how I feel about M4s and this is just another one of them with a different look geared for a different group in airsoft. When the SSG1 was announced almost 2 years ago fields had already banned them because of the paintball look of them and some of the accessories that would be provided with them. One main component was the blade trigger that was being offered but now that this has been on the market for a while they are widely accepted. This retails for about $310 at ExtremeAirsoft.com currently with other places having them priced as high as $380.

I remember the hype for this product when it was first released and priced around $250 but with inflation and the world being flipped upside down it is well over $300 at most sites. It is essentially a nicer combat machine with a drop stock and nice outer barrel. G&G in my opinion makes some solid products for the market that will stand the test of time but releasing the same thing with a different look will only get you so far. It comes with G&G programmable mosfet and electronic trigger unit. The drop stock is definitely beneficial for those who aren’t able to look down the site immediately. Trigger response is great and the light weight body is something you always need on the field. Some of the cons, mainly for me, is that you need a muzzle adapter before you could slap a tracer unit on it. If I am not able to easily slap a tracer unit on the gun, what is the point sometimes? Seriously though the other 2 things are that it didn’t come wired to deans and that you need the hex key at all times to adjust the buffer tube to the right angle. Kind of annoying walking on the field and you need to adjust your buffer tube with a hex key just because it got a bit loose. 

With a $310+ price point, performance for this gun was okay. Nothing about this gun really wowed me and made me want to purchase it. I would not recommend this because if you are looking for a drop stock option and nice barrel, they have a lot more of them in the airsoft market. I think this design was following a trend of guns being designed for paintballers to come into airsoft but I think there are better options than this available.  Thank you again to Extreme Airsoft for sending this out to me. If you are a beginner please play with a rental gun before purchasing anything to see if you even like airsoft. If you are looking to purchase this gun, I will leave a link for it below. 

SSG1 – https://bit.ly/3DHW4O0
Extreme Airsoft – Use code “RGK” for 7% off your order
Website – https://extremeairsoftri.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/extremeairsoft/