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LayLax Container Case

I am bringing you a 2 minute review of the container gun case brought to you by LayLax. There are so many ways to carry your guns and kit but this one is definitely unique. Having to go out on the field and have your stuff in a specific area is convenient but a gun bag\ that turns into an all in one mini cubicle for your stuff is pretty amazing. Laylax provides many bag options but this by far, I think is the best for about $120.  

This gun bag is pretty versatile on the way you can carry it. You have access to a zipper in the back that gives you access to 3 straps. You can convert this into a book bag. A shoulder carrier or just carry it in your hand. There is an additional strap on the vertical or top side of the bag if you choose to carry from there. The attachments are easy to find to convert the bag to what you want it to be. In the front you have the 5 compartments that can carry a lot of your airsoft game day supplies. The zipper in the middle will give you access to whatever you have stored in the bag and then you can then transform it into a container for all your stuff. The mat inside has velcro and you just fold it up and stick the side of the bag to it so it can stay up right. It comes with 4 hoop-like straps so you can secure your gun to the bag. 

Not too many cons for this bag besides that the buckles that you latch some of the straps onto are plastic. It’s not a cheap type of plastic but I feel after a number of uses the wear and tear could possibly break them off. Additionally I wish it came with more straps to hold down your gun. You can pack in at least 2 M4s but sometimes those 2 smaller straps it comes with don’t fit right around the gun. Just give me all large straps so I can figure it out. You also can’t really close the bag if you have the mat on your guns, you need to put the mat under first and then you can close the bag. All in all, in my opinion it is still a great product to own. If you are looking to purchase this bag, you can visit this link to grab yours