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Hey guys this is your boy RandomGuyKev and I am bringing you another 2 minute brought to you by SS Airsoft. Another combination video because I was having a great time playing with this product but also didn’t like certain aspects of it. I am talking about the PCC45 from G&G. This retails for about $320 at SSAirsoft.com and with a price tag like that I expected certain standards to be met from G&G. Certain products over a particular price point should come wired to deans. As the airsoft industry is shifting, I see a lot more products being moved to deans and not using tamiya. If you’re going to do tamiya please provide a battery, even though you know I will have it rewired to deans. Just a little pet peeve because they have other products wired to deans and it should be standard. The only other thing that bothered me about this product is the stock. I felt that it was a bit too long as a folding stock and at times was a bit uncomfortable.

I purchased a drum mag to play around with this gun on the field and this ultimately made the issues I had with this product obsolete, because I was having fun. I would definitely recommend purchasing the drum mag with this if you’re allowed to have one at your field. With .25 gram bbs, this was shooting at about 320 FPS and was very responsive to my trigger pulls. The charging handle, fire selector and bolt release are ambidextrous on this gun. It does get a bit heavy towards the front once you have the drum mag but it’s still maneuverable. I personally hate front wired guns because it’s annoying to me that you have to slide the hand guard out, to put a battery in. This could be in issue if you are at an outdoor event and you need to quickly change your battery. Plus you need to make sure you have the right battery because not everything fits in this hand guard. There is a 14 mm negative threading on this gun so you can slap a tracer unit or mock suppressor on it

At the end of the day I wasn’t really sold on this product. If it was the only product left in the shop’s inventory, I would consider buying it but it wasn’t a “must have” product for me. I had been running it with a drum mag but this product was not really appealing to me.

If you are looking to purchase this gun, I will leave a link for it below. If you are a beginner please play with a rental gun before purchasing anything to see if you even like airsoft. Thank you again to SSAirsoft for sending this product my way.

G&G PCC 45 – https://bit.ly/3HxRxh4
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