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Hey guys this is your boy RandomGuyKev and I am bringing you a 2 minute review. This is powered by SS Airsoft, thank you to them for providing me a product to play with and review. So let’s talk about the HFC T77 or as some of us know it as the MAC 11. This full metal gas blowback SMG is a unique little thing for the cost of about $150. It has its ups and downs but it was still a little fun toy to play with

It has a solid feel to it and doesn’t feel cheaply made. For that $150 price point, I thought it would fall apart after playing with it a bit but it didn’t. This was shooting about 300 FPS at .20 gram BBs It comes with a green gas mag that holds about 40 rounds and an interesting location for the mag release, which is behind the hand grip. You have to release the bolt before being able to access the hopup unit which requires a small allen key to adjust it at the top of the gun. The thing I absolutely hate about this gun was trying to adjust the hopup unit. In some cases it may not matter in some CQB environments but it is still nice to see your BBs flying somewhat straight. I tried playing around with it a couple times but it either went too far up, too far down, or too far to the side. No real inbetween. At some point, I just gave up on trying to fix the hopup and just played with it. I think this is a great secondary or backup to a main gun you are running on the field. When you go into a CQB environment and you switch to this because it is super compact and versatile. Just running this in an environment where it’s just open spaces, you won’t ever hit your targets. I was also trying to find an adapter for the front of it to just slap a tracer unit but couldn’t find anything on the market. 

This is a reasonable purchase for those looking for something fun to run. This was different and exciting but again, that hopup unit is something to be desired. 

If you are a beginner please play with a rental gun before purchasing anything to see if you even like airsoft. If you are looking to purchase this gun, I will leave a link for it in my description. Thank you again to SSAirsoft for sending this product my way. 

HFC T77 – https://bit.ly/3OnPos0
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