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Gate Enterprise – Weekend Flash Sale

Only this weekend – 15% off with code FLASHSALE15 – new batch of PULSAR D & ASTER II Bluetooth® coming soon.

Order now and make sure you get an ASTER II Bluetooth® from the first February batch. That’s right – we’re speeding up, so make sure you get yours ahead of others.
And guess what? There’s more – the new batch of PULSAR D will be available very soon. If you order this weekend, your delivery will be processed as a priority.
But hurry – first come, first served. PULSAR D has turned out to be a best seller hit and any engine off the assembly line gets snapped up immediately.

Be quick! Make the most of the GATE Weekend Flash Sale. In fact, it’s 15% off on all GATE products (except for Outlet items already with their insanely low low prices). Hurry – only this weekend you can use this code: FLASHSALE15 on https://gatee.eu/.

Curious? Browse GATE Enterprise. Just remember – the FLASHSALE15 code is valid only until 21 January 2024.

Source: Gate Enterprise