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Evike – The Box of Awesomeness “THANK YOU FOR 14th PLAYER’S CHOICE AWARD!”

Release time and date: April 17th, 2024. 6PM (6:00pm Pacific Standard Time / 8:00pm Central Time / 9:00pm Eastern Time)

Ship Out Date: April 18th~19th, 2024

Availability: 229 boxes

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  • THANK YOU for choosing Evike.com as the Airsoft Player’s Choice retailer once again for 2023/2024! We are deeply honored; and we will pledge ourselves to protect and make awesome the sports / hobby of Airsoft for all!
  • We wish this Box Of Awesomeness can be the perfect gift for you and your loved ones this holiday. As always, if you know exactly what you want we also highly recommend purchasing that item of your dreams directly!
  • Every “Box Of Awesomeness” is on a mission to equip a new Airsoft player better for the next Airsoft event. For the veteran players, the B.O.A. grows your collection and provide an additional primary or a critical back-up.
  • The BOA is now FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the lower 48 states of the USA! (Standard Ground Shipping)
  • This is a fan appreciation listing. Limited to one per order. All rights reserved.
  • The Airsoft Nation wants to THANK YOU for your support! Thank you for your support of the BOA project for 15th year straight!
  • First come first serve!
  • All rights reserved.

FPS Range: 300-400This listing is here for the purpose of preview only. At the time of activation for the online portion, please locate the “Box Of Awesomeness” @ the EPIC DEALS page. All rights reserved. Good luck!

Thank you for your continuous support for the BOA project, Evike.com, sport of Airsoft, AirsoftCon, Airsoft Nation, EvikeTV, Evike Outpost, EMG, and for voting us the Player’s choice year after year! Our vision to recruit, retain, and reactivate Airsoft players across the nation to create the most awesome Airsoft community will not be a reality without your support! With the support and partnership of awesome operators in the community, we vow to continue our path towards providing you the best equipment and the perfect Airsoft experience.

“THE BOX OF AWESOMENESS” project was created back in 2009 as a token of our appreciation to our fans. Made possible by the Airsoft Nation and our sponsors, the “Box Of Awesomeness” guarantees every successful buyer a purchase far below retail; enabling every successful buyer a winner! Every “Box Of Awesomeness” is on a mission to equip an Airsoft player properly for the next big event. For the veteran players, the B.O.A. will provide an additional primary or a critical back-up. Serving our fans best and providing the perfect experience is our never-ending goal. THANK YOU for making Evike.com your #1 Airsoft retailer in America! The “BOA” is first come first serve! Good luck!

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