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Classic Army MK16

I am bringing you a 2 minute review of the Classic Army MK16. Yes, another M4 to the market because who doesn’t want another M4. This is from Classic Army’s skirmish line, which is essentially their intermediate/beginner airsoft product line. This Classic Army MK16 comes in at about $212 at AirsoftGI.com

I am sorry for showing you guys another M4 but that’s kind of what the airsoft market has been pushing out. For those on a budget, this won’t break the bank if you are looking for something all around affordable . It has an MLOK rail system that has a URGI look and a programmable ECS or electronic control system for 3 round and 5 round burst. Also comes with a quick change spring system for indoor and outdoor play. It also has sturdy polymer construction that makes it very light weight. This ran great for indoor play but for outdoor, the range wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I was using .32s which may have been too heavy for it but you could tell the performance difference outdoors vs indoors. Would need some minor tweaking to make it an all around beast for both environments. 

With a $200+ price point, for those looking for a gun that does what they need or just need to get them into Airsoft, this is it. This is also a decent backup M4 if you are looking for one. If you are a beginner please play with a rental gun before purchasing anything to see if you even like airsoft. If you are looking to purchase this gun, I will leave a link for it below.

Classic Army MK16 – https://bit.ly/3yzC4bU