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RandomGuyKev Presents: Terra Exodus – Part 3.5

Terra Exodus Story

The Earth is dying and the remaining survivors are trying to escape to New Mars. The planet has been terraformed to support human life. In a last effort to get their people off the planet the United Americas scrounge for resources all over the planet to get their citizens to safety. The Blue Alliance, which consists of citizens from Africa, Australia & parts of Asia, are in a rush to collect the same resources. With tensions high and resources low, the race is on to collect the resources before the other nations. The Enders have decided that all human life should end on Earth and nowhere else. They have systematically sabotaged resource collection efforts and taken lives to fulfill Mother Earths will. Ending all human life. Can you escape to a new world? Can you negotiate with the Enders? Is your nation more important than human life?

Part 1 – Recap

United Americas have collected most of the necessary supplies to speed up their escape from Earth but they are lacking the resources. Blue Alliance seem to have focused heavily on resource gathering and even let one of their diplomats get taken in the process. With the end coming close, who will have enough supplies to leave Earth?

**United Americas (Black/Grey)
Both Diplomats
Both Power Sources
Nuclear Material
Biological Material
47 Ibs of resources

**Blue Alliance (Blue/Tan)
329 Ibs of resources

Part 2 – Recap

With a strong start, Blue Alliance (Tan/Blue) was able to re-capture their diplomat from United Americas (Black/Grey) and take up 80% of the resources. With a great defense Blue Alliance held back multiple attacks from the Enders and United Americas temporary alliance to capture their intel officer. With one more surprise attack from the Enders, they finally captured the intel officer but the Blue Alliance forces were able to take him back and push towards United Americas FOB. With the lack of security at Blue Alliance FOB, a sneaky sniper decided to take a chance and steal resources from Blue Alliance FOB. This put Black Alliance at the top with this last minute steal from the sneaky sniper. With this campaign coming to an end, Blue Alliance needed to retreat back to their cities for the next seasons campaign. With both teams retreating back to their strongholds some of the resources decayed and were lost in transport.

**United Americas (Black/Grey) – 718
Decay of resources (-5 x9) = -45
**Final Resource count = 673
**Diplomat Safe

**Blue Alliance (Blue/Tan) – 397
Decay of resources (-5 x7) = -35
**Final Resource count = 362
**Diplomat Safe

Part 3 – Recap

Blue Alliance tried their hardest to collect the resources and get off the planet but United Americas collected over 800 resource points to Blue Alliances 325 points. The Enders tried their best to keep everyone on Earth but in the dead of night United Americas found a way. United Americas has left the comforts of Earth to make a home on New Mars.

Part 3.5 – Continued Story

With the Earth being left to the Enders (Green) and Blue Alliance (Blue/Tan), the remaining humans try their best to search for remaining resources. Blue Alliance scientist have begun researching ways to restore the Earths atmosphere so they can save the remaining humans from succumbing to the harsh eliminates and radiation. The scientist predict that if they fail or don’t fix this issue quick, humans will either die or mutate to something worse. With United Americas no longer being on Earth, the Blue Alliance can expand their territory and collect the additional research notes needed to complete restoration of the Earth. The Enders have begun occupying United Americas space and won’t allow them to disturb Mother Earths plan for the elimination of all humans. How will this conflict end?

July 21st – SoftAir NJ – 750 Whiting-New Egypt Rd, Manchester Township, NJ 08759

$55 Walk on price

Purchase Blue Alliance (Blue/Tan) Tickets Here
Purchase Enders – (Green/Woodland/M81) Tickets Here

Sign Field Waiver HERE

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Field rules – https://softairnj.com/field-rules ← click here 

  • Must have dead rag (Red dead rag or neon safety vest)
  • Air dropped players will have blue lights/rags/cloth to identify they will be dropped in
  • MSW style Tourniquets or Ace bandage
    • Ace style or MSW style tourniquets can be used to heal or count 30 seconds to heal someone. (have to wait until buddy aid has been unlocked)
    • 2 deaths and then you hard respawn. (have to wait until buddy aid has been unlocked)
    • Bleed out time is 2 minutes before you are “dead dead” and have to head back to respawn
  • Each team’s main/hard respawn will be designated before the game. This will be the starting point for the game. NO SECONDARY RESPAWNS UNLESS OTHERWISE DESIGNATED.
  • Full auto is restricted to support weapons such as RPKs, M249, M60 etc unless otherwise specified during the day of the event


Blue Alliance – Tan/Blue/Multicam Arid
Enders – Green/Woodland/M81


Shirt/Jacket & Pants should match team color.. Team color should be very visible while wearing your kit. Plate carrier and chest rig color does not matter but team color MUST be visible. Colored tape will be used if necessary.


  • Game Referees


  • Continuous 6 hour gameplay 

Primary Objectives (Blue Alliance & Enders)

  1. Secure and hold as many capture points as possible (3 of 5 must be held the entire game)
  2. Retrieve the research notes (full details provided day of event)
  3. Secure the reactor device (full details provided day of event)
  4. (full details provided day of event)
  5. (full details provided day of event)
  6. (full details provided day of event)


  • Buddy Aid – Use Ace or MSW style tourniquets or count 30 seconds to heal someone
  • Medical sticks – Allows you to revive teammates after 10 seconds
  • Reinforcements – Active once every hour (select one to activate)
    • 30 minute mobile respawn
    • Air drop