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VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW

Hey guys this is your boy randomguykev and I am bringing you a 2 minute review of the VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW AEG powered by Extreme Airsoft. Yes, another M4 but wait this is a PDW and it’s an avalon. VFC Avalons are considered more of the premium offering in airsoft because of their price point and not really needing to upgrade it out of the box. The VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW retails for about $470 on Extreme Airsoft website. 

Straight out the box this thing was super snappy, precise and it did exactly what it was designed to do. For the price point, I expect a well fine tuned machine and that’s what I got. This is a gun that was released in 2021 but it still holds up to the competition today. PDW stock, full metal body and receiver, enhanced ECS gearbox and this was shooting about 370-375 with .20 BBs. It comes with a large custom flash hider that can be removed to show the 14mm CCW threading but you will most likely need a barrel extender just because some of the inner barrel protrudes out once you remove it. This allows you to add a tracer unit if you choose to do so. In the packaging it comes with a battery extension unit for more battery space which I really liked. My main con for this gun is that it is wired to tamiya instead of deans but all in all I enjoyed it. Running this both indoor and outdoor it did not disappoint. In the future I may want to make some modifications to get some more range on it outdoors but this small compact gun packs a huge punch. 

With a $400+ price point, performance for this gun was absolutely amazing and it handled well. I would recommend this to anyone that has the money for it and/or not looking to upgrade immediately. If you are a beginner please play with a rental gun before purchasing anything to see if you even like airsoft. If you are looking to purchase this gun, I will leave a link for it below.

VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW – https://bit.ly/3u4ssWm
Extreme Airsoft – Use code “RGK” for 7% off your order
Website – https://extremeairsoftri.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/extremeairsoft/