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SpeedQB Electron Modular Pants (EMP)

I am bringing you a 2 minute review of the EMP also known as the Electron Modular Pants by SpeedQB. People always associate SpeedQB with speedsoft, speedieboys and all that jazz but these guys have been in the lab cooking up some special stuff for the airsoft community. Let’s talk about these different pants and why I think their uniqueness is needed in the community. 

We all have been looking for gear that fits us airsofters, for our style of play. We tend to buy cheap (or expensive) and it’s always the same issue. Sometimes the stuff we purchase isn’t really made for what we are doing. I know some people take airsoft more seriously than others but at the end of the day you want to be comfortable shooting BBs at your friends. With the SpeedQB EMP or Electron Modular Pants I feel like they took both paintball and milsim pants and tied them together. I ran these pants at OverWatch tactics conquest of avalon and i can tell you that my main concern was airflow and would it be able to keep up with me while doing everything I was doing during this game. 

Let me go over some of the details with these pants. In the front you have a button and zipper as most pants have, you will notice across the top there is a belt like system. This belt like system is integrated into the pants but you do still have belt space to add another if you choose to. At the bottom of the pants you have a string and toggle locker/spring locker so you can tighten or loosen it the way you want. This is also at the knee area. You will have additional support from a velcro like system close to the knee pad area. On both sides you will have a pocket that can be used to hold a mag, phone or anything else. On top of that is a velcro spot for patches or mag patches that has velcro on the back of it. Like I said the belt system can be used to tighten and make the pants comfortable to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed running with these pants as I personally did not get that crotch sweat I normally get with wearing other pants. Whenever I play, I have to put some baby powder on so I can stay dry but the airflow from these pants made my gameplay so comfortable. These pants were “just fits” for me but I would personally get a size up from what I normally use so they could be a bit looser for me. Be mindful that anything you use while playing airsoft will suffer wear and tear so contact SPeedQB if you experience any issues. I received an early version of this and I am pretty sure they will be providing them in multiple colors such as woodland, ranger green, tan, etc. 

I currently don’t have a cost for these pants but as soon as I do, I will provide it in my description. Overall if you are looking for something made for airsofters by airsofters, I think these pants are it. I will continue to run these pants through the paces and provide you guys feedback if my opinion changes on them but so far so good. If you want to check them out, click the link below for more details

SpeedQB Electron Modular Pants – http://bit.ly/3mc3Epz

SpeedQB – https://www.speedqb.com/